Welcome to HF Studio! Home of errr... Things that Dae in made!

UPDATED!!!!-4/13/10 @ 9:18 pm

Yay! Nobody missed me!

UPDATED!!!!-6/24/09 at 11:34pm

IZRBoD website!!! http://www.IZRBoD.yolasite.com there's a lot of coo stuff in there!!!

UPDATED!!!!-6/17/09 at 8:10am

IZRBoD (Invader Zim Radio Broadcast of DOOM!!!) is now out!!!!

Choose Webplayer or your own player

UPDATED!!!!-6/16/09 at 4:26pm

New music from Music-Gamer- LINK!!!

NEW!!!- IZRBoD!!! (Invader Zim Radio Broadcast of DOOM!!!)  It will come soon!!!

UPDATED!!!!-6/8/09 at 11:37pm

Its been a LOOONNNGGG time... right? yes...

I have been doing some stuff like.... VIDEOS!!!! THAT'S RIGHT!!! NEW HD VIDEOS!!!

I also have been doing some artwork (as you can see the new pics above this)

I am now working on G.A.M.A. v0.75 (I know... I've been lazy... I'm sorry Invader Zim fans....)

UPDATED!!!!-4/9/09 at 10:16am

Check out my art above!!!

UPDATED!!!!-4/7/09 at 10:18pm

-I have made a STORE PAGE so I can put my stuff I'm selling in there

-I have made some NEW SHIRTS go check it out at the STORE PAGE


UPDATED!!!!-4/7/09 at 10:35am

I have made a HF Studios shirt with gir on the back and a random Irken on the front with two irken symbols on each side BUY IT HERE!!!!! (They deleted it due to "copyrighted issues"... that's a lie

UPDATED!!!!-4/4/09 at 6:14pm

I finally fixed my website...

Go check out my art at HERE

1 new HD video HERE

UPDATED!!!!-2/5/09 at 3:03

This update is for people that is trying to go to games and music at school...

When you click Games-&-Music the Internet browser closes due to the school blocking that part of the website... here is the link to the GAMES and here is the link to the MUSIC

UPDATED!!!!-1/31/09 at 1:54 am
New updates:


Random background music changed every week-link

New music place called Random Music of DOOM!!!


New game called GAMA(Gir's Amazing Muffiny Adventure) version V0.7 and up for download HERE

WELCOME!!! Right now I have 6 files in the download section, a lot of music, a whole bunch of games in the Games-&-Music section, a lot of Videos, and a chatting room!!! I mostly chat at dAmn(link) and iScribble (link at Invader ZIm's DOOMED!!! Board)

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